ESMAC 2019 Annual Meeting of the European Society
for Movement Analysis in Adults and Children
23 – 28 September 2019, Amsterdam


Vicon Satellite Symposium  

Thursday 26th September
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Blue Hall 

Vicon Technical User Group Meeting – Today, Tomorrow, The Future

Today: Vicon's newest Support Engineer Dr. Alix de Dieuleveult who will talk about her background and how she uses Nexus 2.

Tomorrow: Vicon Life Science Product Manager, Dr Kim Duffy provides a sneak peek into the forthcoming Nexus 2.10 release.

The Future: Meet Vicon's new CTO, Mark Finch who will be discussing his plans for Vicon’s future.

Motek Satellite Symposium

Thursday 26th September
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Location: Exhibition area – Ground Floor

At ESMAC 2019 Motek will host a dedicated event with and for existing customers and anybody who is interested in our technology. Since you have been sitting the entire day already, this session will be active and interactive. We will invite some of our customers and in a spontaneous and open discussion they will explain how they use our technology and what challenges they were facing in setting up new research protocols or implementing their device for clinical gait analysis and rehabilitation. 

In other words, a unique opportunity to have a nice informal discussion during a Q&A session with customers and the manufacturer of the CAREN, GRAIL, RYSEN and C-Mill. The session will be co-moderated by dr. Frans Steenbrink, on behalf of Motek, who was fully involved in the development of the GRAIL, and prof. dr. ir. Jaap Harlaar, who was the co-developer of the GRAIL in the VUmc, Amsterdam. 

On our booth we have installed our instrumented dual-belt treadmill and set-up a VR screen, so we can showcase some of our applications for research purposes or clinical rehabilitation. Of course we will arrange some snacks and refreshments.”


Xsens Satellite Workshop

Friday 27th September
Time: 13:30 - 14:00
Location: Blue Hall 

Introducing Automated Gait Analysis by Xsens

Xsens is known for it’s reliable and validated inertial motion capture systems, which can be used in any condition. Recently Xsens has developed a platform for generating reports and storing data. Sophisticated algorithms automatically detect walking windows and produce a gait report right away.
In this workshop Xsens will present the newly developed gait analysis tool for the first time. We will give a live demonstration of the full workflow from attaching sensors, calibrating, HD reprocessing and creating a full report available in minutes.
Join our workshop and experience the new standard in automated gait analysis!